Heather Birkett,Harmony Road Owner / Proprietor  and Performing Vocalist, Pianist,  Harpist

At Harmony Road Studio we are focused on providing music tuition with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your unique learning style.  With the ability to integrate  all the skills needed for an all-rounded music education it is a well-known fact that music can increase the IQ of a child. Research indicates that the brain of a musician, even a young one works differently than that of a non-musician. In the field of Neuroscience research has 

Shown that a larger proportion of neural pathways are used in learning music as the brain has to work  harder.  

There is a link between this and improved spacial-temporal skills that help in solving multistep problems such as in the fields of maths, engineering and the arts.

After recently returning to reside in her much loved bayside home, Heather has bought with her a wealth of experience. Established early her rmusic career began with learning Piano from 5 years to then adding singing and musical theatre to her passions. Having performed in theatre groups,church ensembles, bands, a Capella groups across various folk festivals, community events  weddings and funerals she now is part of a three piece band Harmony Roads own band.

'All about the experience'

After Studying at Whitehorse Institute of Performing Arts and Melbourne Uni Heather is passionate about teaching music to people of all walks of life. Over 20 years of experience teaching to to different age groups including children from disadvantaged backgrounds or special learning needs. Heather can offer Individual or group tuition in Piano, Keyboard, Vocal, Ensemble, Songwriting and Arranging. Lessons are tailor  rmade with selections of music to suit individual learning styles and interests. Heather also has an affinity educating students with a disability.  It is with the belief that music has the ability to transform lives, motivating and encouraging students to gain confidence in their abilities.  These skills can then be transferred to enhance learning in their broader lives and education.